When Buying Company Apparel, Good/Better/Best Makes You Look Your Best

Nobody has ever complained about having options, especially when it comes to apparel. Options help narrow it all down to the perfect fit, the perfect feel…the perfect garment. If you aren’t currently getting a good/better/best option from your apparel rep, you need to immediately ask “what gives?”

So, what is good/better/best anyway? Basically, it is giving you 3 selections within your price range and garment need.

For example, let’s say you have a budget of $17 per Polo-style to outfit your sales team. Take a look at the example below:

So why does getting a good/better/best option help you look your best? Here are 3 reasons to consider:

  1. By being presented several relevant options, you can help save the company money or determine that spending a little extra will get you upper echelon quality. Either way you come out shining bright.
  2. You set yourself up as the company’s apparel expert. This knowledge can lead to a raise or promotion, but no matter what you’ve cemented your place as a valuable team member.
  3. You have a solid backup. If something changes last minute before an order is placed (budget, inventory, etc.), you still have options to get the job finished and delivered on time.

So there you have it. I hope you’re convinced that you need good/better/best in your life. Make it your standard practice when buying company apparel. When it comes down to it, who doesn’t want to look their best?


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