7 Strategies to Increase Trade Show Booth Traffic

We are constantly bombarded with experts delivering advertising messages on improving the performance of our 401k, techniques to run a 5k in 30 days or less, or something about reducing the amount you pay for your monthly mortgage…blah, blah, blah! So, in an effort to be more targeted toward what brings you success in your role as an event planner, trade show coordinator, event specialist or whatever title your company has bestowed upon you, here are my proven 7 strategies to help increase booth traffic at your next trade show event:

  1. Host a book signing at your booth. Seek out a new emerging author who would connect to your industry with a pertinent topic and have him or her sign the latest copies of their book at your booth.
  2. Redemption Code Offer. Target your top prospects with an online code they can bring by your booth for a special promo item. You can stagger the codes throughout the show to control booth traffic and increase the opportunity for meaningful conversations.
  3. Live demonstrations draw crowds. I hear you right now saying, “We don’t have anything to demonstrate”. Get in a room with your creative staff members and brainstorm—it will amaze you what you come up with.
  4. Room drops are a lost art. Many properties, for a small fee, will place an item with booth specific messaging in the hotel rooms of your top 100 prospects or customers. Just make sure you plan ahead.
  5. Premium or Promotional Product Giveaway.   Offer a coveted logo’d swag item to the first 500 people to come to your booth. Be sure you have an exchange for the giveaway, meaning a spending level capture, badge scan or some survey question to answer. They get something and so do you.
  6. Go Vertical. Vertical signage and displays at booths are proven to draw in crowds and start conversations.
  7. Hourly Presentations. Provide a 12 minute presentation once or twice an hour with 10-16 chairs (depending on booth space) to showcase a new product or service offering. Your staff can rotate presentation duties to keep it fresh.


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