7 Excuses You’ve Likely Heard From Your Branded Apparel Rep

How many times have you reached out to your apparel rep only to hear one of the following:

  1. “Several of your polo shirts were destroyed by the embroidery company we use to sew for us. I am arguing with them to make sure they pay for them so you don’t have to.”
  2. “I should have called you, but your order has been delayed. Our embroiderer is currently busy and running behind schedule.”
  3. “Your order is not complete because I did not see the additional tab on your spread sheet with those extra shirt sizes.”
  4. “Your order is late. We will be screen printing your shirts once they get in stock.”
  5. “I just checked my email and see that you really wanted Royal Blue caps but I ordered Navy Blue. Will you accept a discount on the Navy Blue caps?”
  6. “I know you are disappointed that your art file does not look like what was printed on the shirt. Next time I will be sure to get you to look at an art proof.”
  7. “I thought we invoiced you for the jackets months ago…let me check into that for you.”

If you are regularly hearing these excuses from your apparel sales rep, there is a better way to buy company attire.   A reputable company will have a proven process that mitigates these situations. You have dozens of things on your plate to accomplish each day—managing apparel orders should not be one of them!


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