3 Reasons Onboarding Kits Matter

Starting a new job is an intimidating process.

We’ve all experienced it: meeting new people, navigating an unfamiliar office space, and understanding different corporate rules presents a unique challenge for employees at the start of any new position.

Companies use various forms of onboarding practices and activities to welcome new hires and make the process a little less scary. Onboarding kits offer an opportunity for companies to impress new hires, welcome them, and confirm to the new hire that he or she made the right choice. Effective onboarding makes an impact: it encourages the new employee to engage rather than disengage.

According to Harvard Business Review, onboarding may be the most critical experience for the new employee when it comes to engagement and retention. Retention is especially tricky for companies hiring Millennials, the majority of the workforce, as Millennials do more job-hopping than any other generation. Research shows in the graph below that, between 1986 and 2006, the number of companies that employees worked within just two years of graduating for nearly doubled.

Given this compelling research, it is important to establish why developing an onboarding strategy (one that goes beyond paperwork and training) matters for your company and its retention.

  1. First impressions are key. The first few months are essential to the new employee as they decide whether or not they are a good “fit” for the company. Since 43% of millennials plan to leave their current jobs within two years, a well-designed and engaging onboarding process is crucial to the new generation of employees.
  2. Onboarding welcome kits are cost-effective. According to the Harvard Business Review, employee turnover is estimated to cost 100% – 300% of the replaced employee’s salary. If your company invests in onboarding kits, these expenses can be avoided and be cost-effective in the long run.
  3. Onboarding kits instill a sense of purpose and pride in the new employee. According to research, workers who feel proud of their organizations are three times more likely to be happy at work compared to those who don’t. Happy employees are hardworking, consistent and energized. Company culture, purpose and pride are important factors in creating a positive energy in the workplace, and onboarding kits offer a simple and effective solution to this need.

Onboarding kits provide immeasurable value to your brand. They are endlessly customizable and add a creative element to your company’s onboarding process. Invest in your new hires: build your onboarding kit today!


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